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2023 SHPE-LDC U.S. Latinos in Engineering and Tech Report


2023 SHPE-LDC U.S. Latinos in Engineering and Tech Report cover image

We are honored to share the inaugural 2023 SHPE-LDC U.S. Latinos in Engineering and Tech Report produced in collaboration with the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC).

The collaboration between the LDC and SHPE embodies a spirit of unity and shared purpose essential to overcoming challenges and seizing the opportunities presented by the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and tech. Together, we have embarked on a journey to explore the experiences, achievements, and aspirations of Latinos in these fields.

This report delves deep into the experiences of Latino students and professionals, highlighting their contributions and challenges and discussing the untapped potential within this dynamic and rapidly growing community. It provides invaluable insights that inform our organizations and catalyze change across the broader engineering and tech ecosystem.

At SHPE, we have long recognized the critical importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and fostering excellence in the STEM fields. We understand that the future of engineering and tech depends on our ability to harness the vast talents and perspectives the Hispanic community offers. This report is a testament to our commitment to that vision.

As we navigate the path ahead, let us remember that diversity is not merely a buzzword. It is also a critical business tool to accelerate growth and creativity; it impacts the bottom-line and is a wise business decision. The richness of the Hispanic community’s experiences, culture, and perspective is a source of innovation waiting to be tapped. By fostering inclusivity, we not only empower individuals to reach their fullest potential but also propel our industries and society to greater heights.

SHPE’s overarching goal is to expedite the achievement of parity in engineering degrees awarded to Hispanic students. While the current trajectory suggests that Hispanic engineering enrollment will reach parity with Hispanic workforce numbers by 2035, our aspiration is to attain equity in engineering degrees awarded well before the projected year of 2060.

Together we can contribute to the growing Latino commitment to higher education and achieving excellence by increasing the number of undergraduate and graduate degrees Latinos in engineering and tech earn.


Miguel Alemañy, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Kimberly D. Douglas, Chief Research & Impact Officer
Dr. Dayna L. Martínez, Senior Director, Research & Impact

A Special Note of Thanks: The data in this report is based on the research gathered from SHPE past and current members through the annual SHPE Needs Assessment. It would not be possible without the generosity of those who took the time to complete the surveys. We are thankful for you and we hope that it’s as rewarding to you as it is to us to see the results of your efforts.

WATCH THE RELEASE | The 2023 SHPE-LDC U.S. Latinos in Engineering and Tech report was presented live by SHPE and the Latino Donor Collaborative at the L’ATTITUDE Conference in Miami, Florida on Thursday, September 28. Watch the recording >