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Equipando Padres

Support Your Student’s Success

Equipando Padres provides the parents of first-generation-to-college Hispanic students the knowledge and tools to better support their children earning engineering degrees.

Welcome to Equipando Padres

At SHPE, we know parents play a pivotal role in the success of their children while attending college. The Equipando Padres program is designed to fill the available parent programming gap by incorporating aspects critical to Hispanic culture and addressing specific challenges of pursuing an engineering career. As a result, padres and familia are positioned to be integral contributors to their student’s success!

About the Program

Equipando Padres bilingual workshops are currently held monthly via Zoom. Workshops are hosted by SHPE members, parents, professionals, and university or industry partners. 

These workshops are not only for our parents but for anyone in the life of the student that wants to see them succeed. 

SHPE is partnering with schools across the U.S. to bring Equipando Padres Academy to their community. These half-day workshops are developed for the parents of high-school students and cover the following topics: 

Fall 2023 

  • Applying to college 
  • Paying for college 

Past Presentations available to our parents and caregivers:  

  • Why college? 
  • How to choose a college? 
  • How to prepare for college visits 

Participants will have the opportunity to not only learn from the curriculum but develop a community built around their children’s success. 

Click here to review our criteria for site selections and to fill out our interest form. We are still establishing a timeline for the fall of 2023. Please contact [email protected] with questions or concerns. 

Equipando Padres University is a series of collegiate workshops and program for parents of first-year to college Hispanic engineering students. The program’s purpose is to engage parents through education on college access and success, college financial literacy, an understanding of health and wellness during college, and awareness of STEM pathways. Equipando Padres University workshops are bilingual and delivered virtually. Throughout the programming parents will be provided with college resources and build a meaningful understanding of how they can better support their students through their 1st year experience.


  1. Understanding your university
  2. How to pay for college
  3. Growth mindset & belonging
  4. Transfer & major changes

Volunteer Opportunities

SHPE is seeking excited, enthusiastic, and engaging individuals to captivate our parent audiences as presenters remotely and in person.  

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events. Check back soon.

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