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The power of connection is in your hands. Join the MentorSHPE program today to grow your network, gain new knowledge, and build your skills.

The Power of Connection.

The MentorSHPE program facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that support personal and professional growth and development. The program is designed to expand professional networks, allow participants to gain new knowledge and insights, and build new skills for both mentors and mentees. Mentoring matches will work together to define expectations, determine goals and a corresponding action plan, and outline milestones to track progress. Mentees can select mentors based on alignment of goals, specific needs, or characteristics. 

Use the MentorSHPE platform to connect with a mentor or a mentee. This online platform allows for one-on-one mentoring and is open to those in the STEM fields. MentorSHPE allows you to easily connect, manage your mentor/mentee relationship, and offers tools to guide your relationship.

MentorSHPE offers three options for connections. Mentees and mentors can choose how they want to connect!

Mentoring Moment

Mentees looking for a one-time connection with a mentor. Maybe you have a work situation you’d like to talk through, perhaps you have a job offer and you want some guidance on negotiation skills, or you are looking to get more involved in leadership and need some guidance. This program offers mentors and mentees the opportunity to connect for a conversation that sometimes can develop into longer connections but is designed for a one-time connection.

Register for Mentoring Moment

The right conversation at the right time with the right person.

Why become a mentor?

  • DEVELOP feedback and critical thinking skills
  • GROW your SHPE professional network
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • GIVE BACK to the SHPE Familia

Not sure if you have the time? Mentoring connections within the MentorSHPE program are designed to last three months. Current MentorSHPE Mentors report an average of 3-7 hours per month dedicated to the mentoring connection which includes virtual monthly meetings, messaging between meetings, and activities like reviewing resumes.  

Not sure if you are experienced enough professionally? Mentors of all skill levels, professions, and life experience are needed. Mentees select mentors based on alignment of goals, specific needs, or characteristics. I guarantee there is a mentee that will benefit from your experience and advice!

Don’t have any experience as a mentor? The MentorSHPE program utilizes an online platform that provides tools like handbooks and worksheets created by SHPE to provide structure for first time mentors and to ensure that the mentoring relationships remain goal driven to provide the maximum benefit for both mentors and mentees.

Still not sure? Watch our short tutorial series on YouTube to learn more about mentoring best practices, how to join the online platform, and navigating the platform.

Ready to Sign Up?

Are you ready to start developing personal and professional relationships with other SHPE members who can help you learn and grow?

Take the first step by joining one or both programs today!

MentorSHPE 101 Webinar

Excited by the prospect of being a mentee or a mentor, but not sure about what’s involved? Join us for this mentorship how-to with best practices and a tour of the new platform used for the MentorSHPE program.

Foundation of Successful Mentorship

Panel by Henkel

Join a panel of Henkel professionals as they discuss the foundations of successful mentoring like active listening, building trust, and goal setting. Learn about the importance of mentoring at Henkel and how mentoring has elevated the careers of these panelists.

Henkel Panelists:

  • Laura Whitlock, Quality Engineer in Adhesives
  • Ximena Denaune, Director of Project Management in Beauty Care
  • Ana Wagner, Director of Marketing and Strategy in Adhesives
  • Gerhard Kummerow, R&D Senior Scientist in Beauty Care

Mentoring allows one to expand their professional network, gain new knowledge and insights, and receive customized guidance while working toward personal and professional goals. Mentoring at your local chapter or through the national MentorSHPE program is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of mentoring!

Share your MentorSHPE story

Encourage other people to join the program by sharing your mentorship experience with us.

"My ability to talk, socialize, and network with individuals I do not know has improved thanks to my mentor. Before my MentorSHPE experience, I was a very shy person who struggled to talk to someone I had barely met. I was especially afraid of public speaking. Thanks to James, I have been able to be less afraid of public speaking and socializing/networking with other people by working with Trinity High School SHPE Jr. Chapter."
Alexia Acosta
University of Texas at Arlington
"The benefit of mentoring through SHPE that makes it unique is the opportunity to share best practices in successful chapter management and the ability to provide opportunities for my mentees to succeed by leading a major program event such that they can take those skills and transfer them to their degree and utilize them in the professional world."
James Narey
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - Fort Worth

Already in a mentorship relationship?

If you already have an existing mentorship relationship and you would like to use the MentorSHPE platform to manage it, please email [email protected] to request assistance.

About the Platform

The MentorSHPE program is built on the Chronus platform. The MentorSHPE platform connects mentor and mentees without the limitation of geography. This online platform provides tools created by SHPE to ensure that the mentoring relationships remain goal driven to provide the maximum benefit for both mentors and mentees. The system provides gentle reminders to ensure that participants are actively engaged throughout the duration of the mentoring relationship. 

The platform also makes it easy for mentors and mentees to communicate and schedule meetings. Personal calendars can be connected into the online platform to simplify finding a time to connect. In addition, there is an integrated messaging system that allows users to set-up notifications that meet their specific needs.

Please visit our Partnership Guide to learn more if you are interested in partnering with SHPE on a MentorSHPE program.