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#SHPEreads is a program that came to be as a result of ongoing social distancing, irregular in-person academics, and continued feelings of isolation. Looking for additional ways to virtually connect and educate our members, we started a “book club” of sorts.

#SHPEreads places students into an online community to discuss literature, whether it be books, articles, or essays. Topics are selected to address critical issues facing the participants, and a discussion is led by authors or facilitated by volunteer leaders. Participants learn from both the content and each other.

#SHPEreads: GRADS (GRaduate & Advanced Degree Students) Edition

The #SHPEreads: GRADS Edition brings together graduate students in one 90-minute session to read and discuss a journal article on a relevant topic. Each meeting is led by the paper’s author and gives graduate students the opportunity to not only learn from the author and the paper’s content but also from each other.

Interested in learning more?

Email us with questions about the program or if you would like to present your work.

Please download our Partnership Guide to learn more if you are interested in partnering with SHPE on the #SHPEreads series.

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