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Does your Company Desire a Talented, Diverse STEM Workforce?

At SHPE, we recognize that our students and professionals aren’t just the future of the Hispanic community, but the future of this entire country. We offer our members community, mentorship, and fellowship to ensure that the brightest minds in STEM don’t go overlooked. 

Our partnership opportunities offer a unique opportunity to engage, support, educate, and advance the careers of Hispanic students and professionals. Your participation further affirms your commitment to diversity in both your recruitment and retention efforts.

“SHPE has enabled P&G to build a strong pipeline of Hispanic talent with a remarkable relationship over 30 years old. Our success has made us one of the top companies for Hispanic talent.”
Claire Hayhow

Reach the 13,000+ SHPE members directly with a branded email, social media post, or banner ad.

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Gain access to the premiere resource for STEM talent with close to 10,000 active career-searching members.

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Help build the STEM pipeline for Hispanic students while fulfilling your corporate philanthropy mission.

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Join an exclusive group of some of the world’s top companies that rely on and value a diverse STEM workforce

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Join an exclusive group of some of the top academic institutions that facilitate and grow a diverse and inclusive student body.

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Sponsor an Event

Juggling diversity initiatives and recruiting is overwhelming. SHPE is here to make it easier. Through our various events, we connect you with our SHPE student and professional members and you’re gaining access to some of the most gifted technical talent in the country.

The SHPE National Convention serves as the country’s largest gathering of Hispanic STEM students and professionals, with close to 12,000 attendees last year. Your partnership helps educate our members, influences their career paths, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among rising STEM leaders.

  • Audience: 12,000+ student and professional members, academics, hiring managers, and more
  • Timing: Late Fall
  • Sales opportunities open in late Fall of the previous year

For more information, view our sponsorship opportunities brochure, or contact [email protected].

2024 EVENT INFO: October 30 – November 3, 2024 | Anaheim, California

NILA creates dynamic regional and chapter leaders across the nation to ensure that Hispanics are not only represented, but are influential drivers in the future of STEM. Your organization’s sponsorship of NILA will demonstrate your commitment to diversifying the pool of STEM leaders and making sure the brightest minds in STEM don’t go overlooked.

  • Audience: 180+ regional and chapter leaders
  • Timing: July-August
  • Sales opportunities open in early Spring

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Contact [email protected] with any questions.