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Chapter Resources

SHPE’s national impact is only possible because of our chapter membership model. And this model is wholly dependent on the tenacity and strength of local chapter leaders – leaders like you. You are the key to our success, and we are committed to seeing you thrive.

Here at SHPE, we are always seeking ways to support, develop, and empower our leaders in real, innovative, and tangible ways. Below is a list of resources we think will do just that. Keep coming back to see additional resources added. We got you, and each other!

Chapter Leader Workbook

As a SHPE chapter leader, you should have received a copy of the most recent Chapter Leader’s Workbook. Throughout this workbook, many links are referenced, so we have gathered them all here in one place for easy reference.

Chapter Leader Videos

During NILA 2023, the staff and select chapter leaders presented information about various operational aspects and advice on how to successfully run a chapter.

National Chapter Program

The National Chapter Program provides a chapter management, alignment compliance, and growth framework for SHPE chapters to realize the SHPE Mission and Vision through their events and functions that lead to increased member participation and success. The NCP provides chapter leaders feedback from established SHPE leaders to make intermittent adjustments throughout the year as they enact their chapter plans. Through the program, chapters communicate with regional and national leadership and are recognized for their successes throughout the organization.

Requirements for a chapter to stay in good status and be considered active:

  • Submit 4 quarterly check-ins here.
    • Q1 Check-In: Deadline Oct 15, 2023 with submission space for the Chapter Management Tool (CMT)
    • Q2 Check-In: Deadline Jan 15, 2024 with submission space for Report 1
    • Q3 Check-In: Deadline April 15, 2024
    • Q4 Check-In: Deadline June 15, 2024 with submission space for Report 2
  • 10 members registered through
  • 1 event/year
  • Elections by April 15

National Institute of Leadership Advancement (NILA)

An invite-only event, the National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA) prepares SHPE chapter leaders to springboard into the year, helping them align their chapter plans with SHPE’s mission and goals. It’s developed specifically for SHPE chapter leaders to learn best practices for running a successful chapter and for executing SHPE’s mission at the local level.

Benefits of NILA:

  • Learning how to be an effective SHPE chapter leader from those who have done it
  • Gaining a better understanding of SHPE’s mission, vision, and operations
  • Building up your network of supportive friends, contacts, and mentors in STEM
  • Being empowered to embrace your leadership role with SHPE
  • Enjoying a safe space to grow your networking and communication skills

Request a Chapter Visit

  • Are you in charge of a struggling or soon to be revived chapter?
  • Does your chapter have trouble finding good programming or effectively implementing projects?
  • Does SHPE work well as a club/organization at your school, but not really have a connection to regional or national SHPE resources?

If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, or just feel like your school would benefit from the presence of an SHPE national leader, please submit a chapter visit request form below. Your National Membership Chair will review your requests and get back to you shortly regarding your chapter’s needs.

Chapter Leader Teams

Chapter Leader Teams are SHPE’s main source of communication and a great resource for our chapter leaders to communicate, network, & learn from other chapter leaders throughout the year.

Not onboarded yet? Email us!

Processing Chapter Pass-Through Donations

Donation forms can be requested by sending an email to [email protected]. Finance will send the donation form to the corporation along with an invoice for payment. An Administrative Fee will be applied to all donations. If the donation is under $5,000 the fee will be $50. If the donation is over $5,000, the fee will be $100. If the donation is designated for scholarships, the administrative fee will be 10% of the total. If the donation is designated to start a program, the administrative fee will be 10% if the donation is less than $5,000. If the donation is over $5,000 the fee will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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