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Scholarship Sponsorship

Sponsor a ScholarSHPE for students in need

Scholarship support enables SHPE to help bridge the gap between K-12 education and successful career placement. For the 2021-2022 academic year, SHPE provided over $1,300,000 in scholarships to over 200 recipients, which enabled students to take advantage of opportunities to further their STEM academic pursuits, realize early career goals, and engage effectively among their peers, mentors, and communities as rising leaders in STEM. With more than 10,000 student members, corporate sponsors’ support for the ScholarSHPE program will have tremendous reach into the Hispanic community.

Named-Scholarship Endowment

A contribution of $50,000 or more earns named-sponsorship benefits

Many donors elect to fund an endowed gift to honor a family member and/or create a personal legacy. An endowed gift is invested directly; the principal gift is never touched but continues to generate income in perpetuity. 

An endowed fund can be established with outright gifts of $25,000 or more, through life-income gifts or by bequest. By endowing your gift, you can make an investment that lasts forever in support of SHPE’s mission. 

You can endow with a gift of cash or stock upfront or you can choose to pay over a number of years.  

Once established, you may additionally support your endowed gift with a planned gift. You will be able to double your impact and help more students by mentioning SHPE in your estate plans, your will, life insurance, retirement savings plan, and bequest.  

Benefits include:  

  • You are recognized publicly by SHPE at special events and ceremonies 
  • You may tailor the name of the scholarship in memory of someone, your family, or your company 
  • You may select whether the scholarship is need-based or merit based
  • For a cash gift, you can take up to 50% of your adjusted gross income with a charitable deduction 
  • Continue to make a difference far into the future by impacting deserving Hispanic students in a specific field of study

Corporate-Scholarship Sponsorship

A contribution of $5,500 or more earns named-sponsorship benefits

Benefits Include:

  • Feature on our ScholarSHPE page
  • Receive student profile, updated resume, and recipient’s most recent transcript directly from SHPE for all of their scholarship recipients
  • Featured in ScholarSHPE emails during application period
  • Recognition on ScholarSHPE website with logo and hotlink
  • Logo placement on signage at the SHPE National Convention
  • Standard administration fee is 10% (included in the $5,500) and includes two parameters.

Additional parameters available for a 2.5% administration fee each. Parameters include GPA, Major, College/University, geographic location, standardized test scores, class status.

  • Contributors over $10,000 may also sponsor a co-branded scholarship website for an additional 2.5%.

To sponsor a scholarship, complete the commitment form and we will contact you.

"By having the support of the SHPE Familia through this scholarship I know that there is a group of people who believe I can succeed."
Camila Salomon
University of Southern California, Winner SHPE Undergraduate Scholarship

Thank you to our Scholarship Sponsors!

Our scholarships would not be possible without the support of these individuals and corporations who understand the value of graduating a diverse STEM workforce.

Scholarship Sponsorship FAQs

Scholarship applications are reviewed by an independent committee. Each written application component is anonymously reviewed by three different reviewers to ensure fairness.

Scholarship sponsors can submit specific parameters for their SHPE scholarships including, but not limited to: career goals, community involvement, creative/innovative accomplishments, diversity of background, financial need, gender, geographical area, GPA, grade level, leadership experience, major, preferred college or university, citizenship/visa type, and standardized test scores. We will do our best to accommodate your selected parameters and identify the best-fit candidate.

The ScholarSHPE Program is administered by and through SHPE, so contributions are tax-deductible as permitted under the IRS 501 (c) (3) section rules.

Have questions? Email [email protected].

The Helen Cuesta Scholarship Fund

Miguel Alemañy, former Chair of SHPE’s National Board of Directors, made a $15,000 gift in 2018 to establish SHPE’s first scholarship fund created by an individual donor, saying “I am establishing a fund in her name, Helen Cuesta, to give a scholarship each year to a deserving female student in SHPE who has demonstrated the ability to overcome life’s obstacles and who doesn’t give up.”

Pride Scholarship Fund

Established as an endowment in 2019 by Board Members Dr. Emily Allen, Will Davis, and Diana Gomez, the SHPE Pride Scholarship is designed to recognize students who are out and proud, support an inclusive SHPE Familia, and make a difference for the LGBTQ and Hispanic community.