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Familia Stories

The Familia is a core value of SHPE, but it is difficult to describe and impossible to replicate. You only recognize it when it’s already encompassed you. You’ll feel the warmth and sense of “home” and a superhero level of confidence. It is our formula, our secret recipe, to changing the world for the better.

Below you’ll find portals to stories about and by SHPE members. You’ll experience engineering, technology, and other STEM topics in a new and authentic way. It’s up-to-date information and takes on how our members are making a difference everyday.

Podcast - SHPE Out Loud

SHPE Out Loud is a leadership podcast that guides young Hispanics in STEM by creating a community that provides support and a sense of belonging.

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Member Stories

David Reynoso

David Reynoso

University of Texas, Arlington Aerospace Engineering, PhD Candidate

Alexandria Chavez

Alexandria Chavez

Cal State Northridge / Northrop Grumman Manufacturing Engineer / Principal Systems Engineer

Tatem Rios

Tatem Rios

MIT, Materials Science & Engineering PhD Student


Manuel “Manny” De La Cruz

Global Performance Liquids Technology Improve Supervisor, ExxonMobil


Cesar Alberto Martinez Bejarano

New Mexico State University, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Currently Pursuing M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Jaqueline O. Rojas Robles

University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D student

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