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GRADS MentorSHPE Groups

The GRADS MentorSHPE Groups (GMG) focus on the need for our GRaduate & Advanced Degree Students to develop skills that can help them survive and thrive in graduate school and beyond. These mentoring groups provide our GRADS with a safe space where they can discuss professional experiences and challenges with more experienced colleagues and facilitators.

Benefits of the group mentoring format:

 GMG runs twice in the academic year (Fall & Spring) and topics range from writing and presenting research skills to applying to jobs in academia and industry with an advanced degree.

Upcoming Cohorts

Our Spring 2022 cohort will have 6 groups discussing three different topics:

Groups #1 and #2: Writing

Do you need help writing that paper or dissertation chapter? If your answer is yes, this group is perfect for you. Join others in a journey of 8 weeks to go over practical advice to help you finish that important writing project.

Groups #3 and #4: Applying for a job in academia

Are you considering applying for a job in academia? Then join this group! You will be able to discuss all your questions, like how to search for jobs in academia, the academic job market timeline, how to prepare for the job market, and others.

Groups #4 and #5: Applying for a job in industry

Do you wonder how different it is to apply for a job in industry when you have an advanced degree? Join this group to discuss important aspects of applying for a job in industry like how to search for jobs, leveraging your personal network, preparing your resume, and getting ready for an interview.


  •  To be eligible for the GMG program, you must be an active SHPE member. You can learn more about joining here
  •  You must be a graduate or advanced degree student.
  • You must fill out an application request form


Membership Request Forms open: TBD

Membership Request Forms due: TBD

Participants notified: TBD

Kickoff meeting: TBD

Mentoring Group Meetings: TBD

Closing meeting: TBD


GMGs are meant to be small. If we receive more forms than spots, we might not be able to accept all who request to join. We will accept 25-40 members depending on facilitator availability.

The GMS uses the circle methods where each group of 3-5 participants (mentees) meet with 1 facilitator (mentor) over the course of an 8-week period.

Yes, in your request form, you can select all the groups you are interested in. However, if you are accepted into the program, you will be assigned to just one.

In your application, you will be asked to write a Statement of Interest. This is your opportunity to tell us what your goals are, what type of help you need, and what type of mentors/facilitators would be great for you.

Groups are expected to meet at least once a week for the 8-week duration (this includes the kickoff and closing meetings).

Become a GRADS MentorSHPE Groups Facilitator

We invite assistant, associate, and full professors, as well as teaching professors, adjuncts, or professionals with a graduate or advanced degree to serve as a GMG facilitator.

Group facilitators are matched with a group of 3-5 GRADS. SHPE will offer ongoing support and development for facilitators with an orientation introducing the GMG model, best facilitation practices, and preparation for the first group meeting.

We anticipate a time commitment of 10 hours over a period of approximately 2 months.

  • One hour orientation meeting
  • One hour kick off meeting
  • At least 6 one-hour meetings with group
  • One hour closing meeting
  • One hour debrief at the end of the program

There is a $1,000 honorarium for facilitators.