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National Institute for Leadership Advancement

We take leadership development seriously here at SHPE. Our national impact is only possible because of our chapter membership model. And this model is wholly dependent on the tenacity and strength of local chapter leaders. They are the key to our success, and we are committed to seeing them thrive.

Countdown to NILA 2024 Presidents Summit!
August 1-3, 2024 | Dallas, Texas

Certified Chapter Leaders Program

July 12-13, 2024
For all chapter leaders, advisors, and regional leaders

Presidents Summit

August 1-3, 2024
Frisco, Texas (near Dallas)
For presidents, vice presidents, and regional leaders


The National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA) prepares chapter leaders to springboard into the year, helping them align their plans with SHPE’s mission and goals. It is developed specifically to learn best practices for running a successful chapter and for executing national objectives at a local level.

NILA is split into two events:

  1. Certified Chapter Leader Program (CCLP) – A virtual event for all chapter officers and leaders
  2. Presidents Summit – An in-person event specifically for chapter presidents and vice presidents

And while the programming is deliberate and vigorous, we promise there will be plenty of fun too! You’ll make unforgettable members and lifelong friends. Work hard, play hard.

Benefits include:

  • Learning how to be an effective SHPE chapter leader from experienced, successful colleagues
  • Gaining a better understanding of SHPE’s mission, vision, and operations
  • Building up your network of supportive friends, contacts, and mentors in STEM
  • Being empowered to embrace your leadership role with SHPE
  • Enjoying a safe space to grow your networking and communication skills

NILA is also an excellent opportunity for leading companies to connect with the best of the best. Sponsorship opportunities are coming soon!