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Chapter Noche de Ciencias Funding

Many SHPE Chapters fund Noche de Ciencias events through chapter resources or through corporate sponsorship. In addition, SHPE National has funding available to support NdC events through two types of grants:

1. Noche de Ciencias Mini Grants

Mini-grants provide $500 to support a NdC event which is awarded in two disbursements (Part 1-$250 before the event; and Part 2-$250 after the event). The event must have at least 50 participants (parents and students are counted as participants; volunteers and educators should NOT be included in the participant count). SHPE anticipates funding twenty NdC Mini Grants for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

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2. Noche de Ciencias Reimbursement Grants

Reimbursement grants provide up to $4000 to support a NdC event. Reimbursement grants cover actual expenses and funds are disbursed after the event when documentation is complete. Funding levels correspond to the number of participants:

  • Up to $1000 for a minimum of 50 participants
  • Up to $2000 for a minimum of 100 participants
  • Up to $3000 for a minimum of 150 participants
  • Up to $4000 for a minimum of 200 participants

SHPE anticipates awarding between 40-45 Reimbursement Awards, with the majority being funded at the $1000 level.

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These applications will remain open until the end of the fiscal year, so please apply before June 30, 2023.


When you host a NdC event, it is critical that you gather Accident & Media Liability Release Waivers, and that you collect information to allow SHPE to study the both local and overall NdC impacts. You are required to utilize the following items:

Copies of these forms are found below. To receive funding, you must also provide itemized receipts for all expenses.