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Connect with SHPE by Text

We know you get a LOT of email. Who doesn’t? So it’s a challenge to keep up with the most important opportunities SHPE has to offer. We have a solution! Hit us up by text to make sure you stay informed of new opportunities and need-to-know SHPE info.

Why sign up

Sign up for SHPE text messages and you will

  1. Receive only the most important SHPE news and opportunities.
  2. You can join designated communities so we know what you’re most interested in! We’ve got groups for chapter leaders, job seekers, grad students, undergrads, professionals, SHPEtinas, convention-goers, and more.
  3. Got a question for us? Text it to us! The texting works both ways.

How to sign up

There are two ways to sign up for text messages with SHPE:

  1. Text JOIN to (323) 622-7477; OR
  2. If you’re on your mobile phone now, make it easy and click here.

How to join your communities

You can opt-in to specific groups, or communities, and receive texts that are most relevant to those communities. It’s super simple – just text us with the following hashtag or hashtags you care about, and you’ll get all the messages we send out on those subjects.

  • Chapter Leaders: #leadershpe
  • Job Seekers: #jobseekers
  • SHPEtinas: #shpetinas
  • Professionals: #pros
  • Graduate Students: #ganas
  • Undergrad Students: #undergrads
  • Convention Goers: #shpe2023
  • ScholarSHPE Applicants: #scholarshpe

We’ll be adding more groups as the program evolves.

If you ever want to opt-out of a certain community, just text #optout and the community hashtag (ex. #optout #leaderSHPE). We’ll take care of it!

If you have questions, you can email us at [email protected] or text us at (323) 622-7477.