Equipando Padres – Virtual College Visit

Equipando Padres equips parents, caregivers, and relatives of first-generation students pursuing STEM degrees with the necessary tools, resources, and understanding to support them. Join us on Wednesday, June 21, at 7pm ET for this month’s session entitled “Virtual College Visit.” The event will take place at online and is open to parents and caregivers of K-12 students. Workshops will be offered in English and Spanish.

Virtual STEM Lab – Celebrating Pride Month!

Join SHPE and Bechtel employees and engineers for a fun night of constructing a hands-on STEM project, learning about engineering and STEM careers and the intersectionality of our member’s identities!
All K-12 students, parents, and guardians are welcome to participate! At SHPE, we know early exposure to STEM positively influences the likelihood of a student choosing it for their career path. The STEM Lab is designed to introduce the profound possibilities of STEM to students and their families. You’re invited to join us!  

Wednesday, June 28 at 7pm EASTERN TIME
Thursday, June 29 at 5pm EASTERN TIME
 (The event is hosted at two times to ensure everyone can participate!)

#SHPEReads: First-Generation Latinas – May

Join us for our latest session of #SHPEreads which places students into an online community to discuss literature. This month’s event will feature Dina Verdín, PhD. and will be focused on the topic of Qualitative Study of First-Generation Latinas: Understanding Motivation for Choosing and Persisting in Engineering.