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The LeaderSHPE View, 4th Edition


Happy fall, Familia! And welcome to the fourth edition of The LeaderSHPE View!

With Charlotte fast approaching, I’ve been watching NASCAR more intently than usual. Inspiring our 2022 Convention theme, Racing Towards the Future, these cars are engineering marvels, and the crews that keep them running epitomize the concept of a well-oiled machine. Every role is crucial. Every movement, intentional. It is a perfect combination of science, engineering, and technology – a recipe for success, if I’ve ever seen one.

And then there are the drivers. Well, the drivers appear to have no fear. They accelerate when any sane person would brake. They pass with millimeters to spare. They take risk after risk in pursuit of crossing that finish line first. It’s a breathtaking thing to witness (literally – as I often find myself holding my breath). But it’s also a familiar feeling. Because watching them reminds me a lot of watching YOU.

You, meaning our SHPE members. Because I’ve been involved in this organization long enough now to see some very bold and brave things happen here. I’ve seen students and professionals stare down the most intimidating obstacles – financial limitations, institutional racism, generational trauma, communal inequities, language barriers, and more. And I’ve watched these same students and professionals march forward, day after day, with the perseverance and resilience any NASCAR team would be proud of.

That is why I’ve curated a new 8-session series especially for this year’s Convention called, Fearless. Inspired by you and sponsored by Rockwell Automation, each session will motivate us to take risks when we normally would not, conquer the fears that get in our own way, and lead a fulfilling life of clear purpose, defined intent, and maximum impact.

The speakers we’ve assembled are each “fearless” in their own way. They are Chief Diversity Officers, CEOs, inventors, and influencers who have accelerated their careers when they could have slowed down. And they are coming to the Convention with one goal in mind – to remind us that we are the drivers of our own futures, and the future of Hispanics as a whole. In my opinion, it’s one of the most ambitious and important line-ups we’ve ever had, and I truly hope you will join us.

Between now and then, we’ll be teasing the topic of “Fearless” on an organizational level. For example, our most current SHPE Out Loud episode features a conversation with Dr. Chris Hernandez, and gets his unique take on the subject. Then our next Familia Meeting on October 17 will feature two of our Fearless speakers, Fernando Rosario and Jay Flores, for a preview of what is to come in November.

And as always, the conversation will continue on my LinkedIn. Please follow, comment, and start preparing for what Charlotte has in store!

Until next time, take good care, Familia!

Chris Wilkie