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SHPE Offers Face Coverings


SHPE Partners with ReadyOne Industries to Offer Branded Face Mask and Bio Face Covers to Members with Profits Donated to the ALL-IN Student Relief Fund

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing need for personal protective equipment, SHPE engaged ReadyOne Industries in El Paso, Texas to create SHPE-branded ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® Face Masks and Bio Face Covers for sale in the SHPE Mercado. All profits will be donated to the ALL-IN Student Relief Fund to support student members impacted by the coronavirus.

The ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® Face Mask is made of patented technology has the ability to destroy microorganisms upon contact, including bacteria and viruses, and to do so continuously and permanently. Unlike alternative metal-based solutions, Livinguard’s technology has been found to be nontoxic to both skin and lungs. The mask can be worn for seven days before washing and can be worn for 210 days while maintaining protective properties.

The Bio Face Cover with adjustable comfort earloop is made of a patented antimicrobial/antiviral fabric. It re-charges with every wash using EPA-registered chlorine bleach and is durable for at least 75 launderings. Both masks are imprinted with the SHPE logo.

Twenty six percent of adults in the U.S. have some type of disability and the impact of the global pandemic is magnified within this vulnerable community. That’s why it is so important to me to work with ReadyOne on this initiative,” says CEO Raquel Tamez. “Many members of our Hispanic Community, including SHPE members, are essential and in need of protective equipment like the ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® N95 masks. This is an opportunity to fill that need while also supporting a company that employs a large percentage of individuals with disabilities.”

ReadyOne Industries is a nonprofit agency and part of the U.S. AbilityOne Program whose mission is to create employment opportunities for persons with significant disabilities (PWSD). Seventy-five percent of ReadyOne’s workforce consists of resilient, hardworking persons with significant disabilities as well as service – or combat-disabled veterans. All products produced at ReadyOne Industries are proudly made in the USA. President and CEO Luis Alvarez stated, “We are pleased and honored to work together with SHPE on this vital initiative. We share a mutual goal to enhance the lives of others, now and in the future. Masks may become a part of our everyday existence and we are grateful to be in a position to assist with this need.”

Masks are available for purchase now at