The Dreamer Scholarship

SHPE TNN Committee fundraising campaign for 2023-2024 fiscal year will fund scholarships to support Hispanic-undocumented and DACA students to achieve their academic and career goals. Scholarships will be awarded to students that have displayed leadership qualities and strive to be of service in supporting and advancing the Hispanic community.

The Ocampo-Senior STEM Scholarship

SHPE Lifetime and former Board member Adriana Ocampo Senior established this fund in 2024 in tribute to her parents, Rubén and Olga, to empower and support Hispanic female college students with a passion for STEM disciplines, who exhibit exceptional academic merit, leadership potential, and a dedicated commitment to giving back to the STEM Community. Open to Junior and Senior female Hispanic undergraduate students.

PRIDE Scholarship

Established in 2021 as an endowment by Board Members Dr. Emily Allen, Will Davis, and Diana Gomez, the SHPE Pride Scholarship is designed to recognize students who are out and proud, support an inclusive SHPE Familia, and make a difference for the LGBTQ and Hispanic community.