Article Submissions

Each issue of SHPE Magazine publishes society news, activities, conference information and member profiles. In addition, every issue focuses on articles developed to promote awareness of job opportunities, graduate studies, professional development and career options, while also providing a vehicle for publicizing the winners of national awards and competitions.


Regional Roundup


This popular section of the magazine allows professional, student and SHPE Jr. chapters to submit articles related to their activities and events in support of SHPE's mission and vision. These may include successful ideas for other chapters to imitate, such as best practices in recruitment, fundraising and community outreach.


Step 1: Confirm Space

To confirm space for your chapter, e-mail the following information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the confirmation deadline (articles and photos are NOT due at this time):

  • Chapter Name and region. (One submission per chapter.)
  • Author's Name, position in chapter, contact info
  • Article Subject
  • If photo will be included


Selecting a Subject: With the publication date in mind, use a few sentences describing the success of past events. It’s best to focus on current or upcoming activities. For example, it would be untimely to write about activities that took place in November or December for an issue distributed in mid-February.


Step 2: Prepare the Article and Photo

  • Articles must be 200 words or less, written in MS Word format (no PDF or PowerPoint) and include
  • chapter name
  • author’s name and position in chapter
  • Photos must be high-resolution JPGs (at least 300 dpi with 5 x 4 inch dimensions) The file size should be at least 600K or more. Do NOT imbed photos in Word or PowerPoint documents.
  • Photo caption should identify people, place and activity.



To best utilize your word count, answer who, what, when and where in the first sentence, and then use the rest of the space answering why and how. All regional submissions, but especially those over the word count, are subject to edits for length at the discretion of the editors. Those significantly exceeding the word limit will be returned to the authors for length editing. Revised resubmissions will be due within 24 hours.


Step 3: Submit the Article:

A few days after the confirmation deadline, final articles and photos will be due via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These deadlines are firm, as they directly relate to production deadlines necessitated by the distribution of the magazine at various SHPE events.


Remind Me!

Deadline reminders are e-mailed to all members via SHPE Connect, so ensure that the e-mail address on your member profile is correct.


Editorial Deadlines:

(Note: Regional submissions need not relate to the issues' editorial themes.)


Fall 2016

Conference 2016

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Sept. 2, 2016

Oct. 25, 2016


NILA, Back to School

SHPE Conference Issue

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July 7, 2016

Sept. 1, 2016


July 14, 2016

Sept. 8, 2016


Standing Sections

  • Science & Technology: Emerging technologies that will shape the careers of Hispanic engineers.
  • Professional Development: In response to the needs of SHPE professional members, these articles will address various skills (not taught in the classroom or on the job) which are essential to advance in today's competitive workplace.
  • Careers & Employment: Features the job market and career paths for engineers in various industries with emerging technologies.
  • Beyond the Bachelor's: Information for those in graduate degree programs as well as those interested in pursuing graduate education.
  • Local Hero: Profile of a member who has distinguished himself or herself through community outreach or charitable work over a significant period of time. The member should have a compelling life story that provides inspiration to readers.
  • Chapter Development: These articles focus on ways to grow and enhance the organization in areas such as fundraising, membership or teamwork.
  • Programs & Services: Articles that feature regional and national AHETEM programs such as scholarships, ACE, E-Week, or Jr. SHPE.
  • Calendar: Information on local and national events.
  • Browser: News of particular interest to society members.
  • Notar: Recent promotions and career news.


SHPEMagazine welcomes articles as well as story ideas. Please contact us, even if you're not in a position to write the article. To submit an article for one of these standing sections (e-mail a brief abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the deadlines below.





Fall 2016

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Conference 2016

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