Conference Provides Opportunity for Hispanic Engineering Students

As aired on WBAL TV 11.

BALTIMORE —Area Hispanic engineering students had the opportunity to gain valuable experience at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers annual conference.

It's impossible to know what these students are making because it's something that has never been created before.

"We are building a marshmallow cannon," engineering student Julian Zuluaga said. It is part of something called the "Extreme Engineering Challenge."

"It's competitive," Zuluaga said. "There are 10 teams. Each team has a company representing them."

And then there's the business team, which is planning a strategy for marketing a marshmallow launcher.

"It's really intense and really testing our skills and how well we can work under pressure," engineering student Isabella Beltran said.

The Extreme Engineering Challenge is one event in a conference that's brought thousands of engineers to Baltimore.

"We have everything from design competitions to professional development workshops to career fairs," said Barry Cordero chairman of the board for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers annual conference, held this week in downtown Baltimore, puts engineers in front of about 200 companies.

This convention has been going on for more than 30 years. Organizers said it has taken some time, but the event is paying off for its participants.

"If you actually look at the graduating rates of Latinos in engineering, they are accelerating faster than any other ethnic group, so we know we are having an impact," Cordero said. Copyright 2015 by All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewr

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